Threat Intelligence

The attacker's view of your organization's cyber security posture is what matters! Ifortify offers you curated intelligence on threats to your cyber assets and effective interventions that stop the bad actors in their tracks

Threat Intelligence & Monitoring

With today’s persistent and evolving threat landscape, cyber security teams internal to organisations cannot keep up with emerging threats on their own. We offer curated threat intelligence from internal, public and dark web sources to enable effective security decisions and timely interventions that foster a more rewarding cyber security governance that offers the broadest view of emerging threats, threat actors, attacker techniques and effective ways of aligning defenses.

Red Teaming & Attack Simulations

Our red team service challenges the efficacy of your security program by benchmarking your current security posture against a determined threat model, providing insight into the steps an attacker would take to compromise your organisation. We identify the strengths and weakness in your technical security controls with bespoke skills. The service differentiates from penetration testing as it involves active persistence and re-aligning against detection and response in a mimic of a real-life scenario.

Penetration Testing

Our Penetration Testing offering leverages conceptual cyber kill chain approach to unearth exploitable vulnerabilities in customer systems and networks. The delivery is designed to discover, weaponize and exploit vulnerabilities as bad actors would. The idea here is to deliver a demonstrable measure of exposure the organisation should be concerned about.

Protect Your Organization’s Cybersecurity With Us

Attack Surface Management

We provide attack surface management services that enables our customers secure their rather fast-mutating threat landscape across their growing digital footprint that includes an outlay of infrastructure; gateways, connecting devices, applications and people.

Vulnerability Management

Our vulnerability management offering provides effective visibility of technology lifecycle milestones and interventions that mitigate exploitable vulnerabilities.

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