We offer Public Key Infrastructure as a Service (Trust Centre) across use cases, including;


Digitalizing and securing statutory documents from counterfeits.

  • Security Documents; national IDs, passports
  • Land titles signing
  • Trading licenses signing
  • Clearance certificates signing


Secure advanced metering infrastructure with digital certificates for;

  • IoT device authentication
  • Firmware verification
  • Data encryption


Securing the DevOps and integrations

  • Code signing
  • API to API request signing
  • Wallet authentication
  • POS terminal authentication
  • User SMART ID authentication


Securing the telecom’s infrastructure to mitigate risk of Man in the Middle Attacks;

  • SIM to Station Authentication
  • SIM to Application Authentication
  • API to Application Authentication
  • Station to Station Authentication
  • Station to Gateway Authentication


Securing enterprise infrastructure and workflows;

  • Document signing; Contracts, LPOs, Quotations, Internal memos etc.
  • Email signing
  • Identity management for users, devices and systems; authentication and non-repudiation

Academic Institutions

Digitalizing and securing documents from counterfeits;

  • Academic Certificate issuance and signing
  • Report card issuance and signing
  • Student/Exam ID issuance and signing
  • Internal circulars

Professional Bodies

Digitalizing and securing certificates/licenses of members from counterfeits.

  • License issuance and signing
  • Certificate issuance and signing

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